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Spa services at Hotel Agricola Wellness & Sport Centre in Mariánské Lázně

Modern equipped Spa center at Hotel Agricola Wellness Centre in Mariánské Lázně provides services of the highest standard and quality. Professional staff provides all spa treatments such as: electrotherapy, ultrasound, megnetotherapy, biolamp, diadynamic, individual inhalation, solux, diathermy, oxygen therapy and gas injections.

Our hotel guests can enjoy a variety of other spa treatments such as mud wraps, paraffin wraps, hydrotherapy, underwater massages, Scotch douches, galvanic baths, whirlpool, milk baths, bubble baths and carbonic baths.

For wellness and reconditioning stays in Mariánské Lázně, Hotel Agricola also offers classic and reflex massages, special therapeutic exercises, individual and group exercises in swimming pool, all aimed at individual needs of each client and under the supervision of our professional medical staff.

 Prices of medical, spa and rehabilitation treatments for download HERE

 Special offer for wellness packages for download HERE

Special offer! Unwind your body and soul through original Thai massage in Mariánské Lázně.

Visit our sister hotel Esplanade Spa & Golf Resort Mariánské Lázně. You can feel genuine relaxation by experiencing real Thai massage performed by original Thai therapists regularly, from every Friday to Sunday

All our services, gift certificates, accommodation packages, massages and accommodation can be paid for by SODEXO pass and ACCOR SERVICES vouchers.

Wellness packages during your stay for a special price!

Experience true relaxation and in addition to your stay order one of our wellness packages assembled according to your taste.

Orders are accepted at the front desk or at the head nurse in the spa department.

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